Fasting & Juicing (English-Printed Edition)


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Fasting & Juicing (English-Printed Edition)

 “Fasting and Juicing” provides deep insights and practical ideas to stay healthy, youthful and slim. Readers will find many natural and effective approaches to better health through:

•           The right method and process of juice fasting – how to maximize its benefits and therapeutic effects; the do’s and don’ts of pre-fast, actual fast and breaking fast.

•           Juicing Recipes – Body Cleanser, Energy Shake, Liver Cleanser, Evening Special, Digestive Tonic, Alkaline Special and Morning Tonic.

•           Yummy Recipes for Breaking Fast – Almond and Banana Smoothie, Brown Rice Dream, Delicious Colorful Coleslaw, Cream of Broccoli Special, Yummy Veggie Salad Dressing, Fruits Delight, Special Healing Alkaline Broth and Navy Bean Soup.


The section on “Frequently Asked Questions” reaps the benefits from the health consulting experience of the author. Readers will certainly clear some of their doubts pertaining to:

•           Why should I fast?

•           Can a underweight person fast?

•           How much weight will I lose?

•           Will I gain my weight back after the fast?

•           Will I be sensitive to certain food after fasting?

•           Should I continue my medication?

•           Who should not fast?

•           Are there any conditions that restrict fasting? etc.

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