High Blood Pressure (English-Printed Edition)


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Contains 30 pages

 High blood pressure is a treacherous disease. It is a silent killer progressing in your body without symptoms until it’s too late. Silently and relentlessly it is wearing out and aging the large and small arteries in your body. The heart begins to grow in size to try to push blood against the pressure. During the process the heart begins to tire out. Congestive heart failure is beginning, and your kidneys are scarring and shrinking.


But no one dies from high blood pressure! They die from other illnesses induced or made worse by high blood pressure, such as heart attack, stroke, heart failure and angina. High blood pressure also detracts from the quality of life. It can cause poor eyesight, depression, morning headaches, fainting spells and ringing in the ears.


The good news is that nearly 90 percent of high blood pressure can be controlled or prevented with diet, food supplements and some lifestyle modifications. That is what this book is about!


Dr Miller’s book will give you the information. Then you can take charge of your own destiny! The advice contained in this book can open the door to a healthier, richer, happier life!

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