Liver Cleansing (English-Printed Edition)


$ 5.95

Contains 30 pages

Are you feeling sluggish most of the time? Or feeling dizzy with mild nausea? Having abdominal bloating or great difficulty digesting fat? Maybe it's time to detoxify your liver.


Don't take your liver for granted. The liver is our second largest organ. Just like the heart, the liver has to work hard to keep you alive. It is a real fighter but if you inundate it with excessive toxic substances you could injure the health of your liver. This could lead you to hepatitis, cirrhosis, fatty liver, alcoholic hepatitis, cancer, and inflammation of the bile duct. Due to our neglect, well over 25 million North Americans have chronic liver problems, making liver toxicity one of our leading health conditions.


Considering that we are living in a toxic world, I can safely make a statement that every person reading this book has liver damage to one degree or another.


Discover in this book how some herbs and nutrients can help protect and support the liver functions. When the liver falters, all other organs will fail to function ideally. If you look after your liver's health, it will reward you with years of healthy living.

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