Switched On (English-Printed Edition)


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Contains 68 pages

What if you could:-

Maintain excellent health, day after day, even as you get older?
Take back control of your health and avoid the common diseases of civilization?
Have little (if any) reliance on pharmaceuticals or surgery to become and stay well?

It's no secret that governments across the globe struggling under the enormous and growing financial burden of managing the health systems. Increasingly complicated technologies are employed to treat the common complaints which fill hospital and doctor's waiting rooms daily. Chronic diseases account for an alarming 70% of all deaths in the US, with one in every two Americans living with a chronic illness. The statistics are similar globally. More alarming is the fact that health authorities acknowledge that these chronic diseases are largely preventable. Where I live, Australia, the following five chronic disease categories the camp for Amos astronomical two thirds of government spending: asthma, cancer, heart/stroke/cardiovascular disease, osteoarthritis/osteoporosis.
So, if Connie diseases preventable, why don't health authorities focus on strategies for promoting disease prevention? Why is it left individuals to discover how to do this for themselves? This book explores the groundbreaking world of NUTRIGENOMICS, a new paradigm in healthcare which identifies powerful food-derived compounds capable of 'switching on' ot 'switching off' our DNA as required by our cells.
Learn how to utilize the most powerful No need for nutrigenomic compounds responsible for protecting your cells and optimizing their function. The result? Enhanced well-being, healthier aging and much less need for drugs and surgery!

About the author
Christine Houghton Bsc(Biochem), GradDipHumNutr, PhD Cand

With over 30 years experience as a private practice clinician in nutritional medicine, Christine is now a research biochemist investigating bioactive plant compounds with significant clinical potential. Her particular interest is focused on nutrigenomics, a strategy for identifying natural compounds capable of upregulating the genes that cells use to prevent disease promoting processes. Possibly the most powerful of these compounds is Sulforaphane.

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