Applied Critical Thinking (English-Printed Edition)


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Contains 186 pages
Contains 186 pages

The practice of management has become increasingly complex with its vast array of concepts, tools and models. Practitioners are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of management literature and prescriptions. People are asking: “Are there simpler ways to do our work and consistently be successful?”


This book offers a pragmatic guide and novel way for all levels of managers and executives to achieve management success. For the first time, the job of managing is split into eight separate areas of fundamental activities. These are the core tasks of management. This new approach to define managerial practice directs us to thee root causes of management outcomes and offers us a quick way to impact on the outcomes. The eight managerial core tasks are:


Assess Situation

Find Cause

Make Decision

Prevent Future Problems

Create Future Opportunities

Implement Decision

Set Direction

Get Involveent


Each Managrial core task is accompanied by a systematic process and the critical thinking skills required to drive the process. This book provides a checklist of the processes and the thinking skills to give instant guidance on getting the solutions for successful management.


I addition, the book is illuminated with examples from the author’s own experiences. These examples reflect real-world situations and show how the ideas in the book are applied. This book distils the great volume of management knowledge to practical high impact processes and critical thinking questions. It will become an indispensable reference for your management practice.

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