Osteoporosis (English- Printed Book)


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Osteoporosis is rapidly becoming a major health issue today for both man and woman. The disease makes bones that were once healthy become brittle and porous, and more susceptible to fractures, especially of the hips, spine and waist. If we want to take the disease by the horn, we must not accept that osteoporosis is an inevitable part of growing old. Bone building is not a one-time affair like building a skyscraper. Currently, it is estimated that 400,000 Malaysian women are suffering from osteoporosis and the rate is expected to grow depending how Malaysians take care of the health of their bones.


Osteoporosis is the result of improper care of bone health during your young and middle years. Start today whether you are an adult or teenager to commit to exercise preventive wholesome living habits, which is the focus of this book.


Don't let osteoporosis transform you into a helpless bedridden cripple or to the armchair for the rest of your life! Keep osteoporosis at bay so that the future will be yours to enjoy!

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