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Thousands of scientific studies and clinical applications have shown that Coenzyme Q 10 may be one of the greatest 20th Century medicinal discoveries for prevention and treatment of disease.

"New and revolutionary treatments of 

disease, particularly where there has been 

no treatment of intrinsic biochemical significance, have generally been believable to a few persons and unbelievable and even ridiculous to others before proof of efficacy... Revolutionary therapy has always been so and perhaps always shall be, but such is the nature of true discovery. It appears that the bioenergetics of CoQ 10 is remarkable and its potential in medicine is no exception to the history of controversial advances in medicine." 

The late Karl Folkers, PhD, Researcher 

"It is unthinkable for me to practice good cardiology without the help of Coenzyme Q 10. And, for the thousands of people with cardiac conditions so severe that they need a heart transplant, CoQ 10 may be a suitable alternative that not only enhances the quality of life, but extends survival as well." 

Stephen Sinatra, MD, FACC, Cardiologist & Author, The Coenzyme 010 Phenomenon 

"Energy is life, and CoQ 10 is a crucial component of the energy cycle and therefore of life itself." 

Emile Bliznakov, MD, Researcher and Gerald Hunt, 

co-authors, The Miracle Nutrient: Coenzyme QIO 

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