Detox at Home (English-Printed Edition)


$ 5.95

Contains 54 pages

 “Detox at Home” provides you with safe and easy guide to spring clean your body inside out. It is a practical approach to total and holistic health. Renew your energy, expedite healing, rejuvenate your health and boost your body’s vital systems, from your immune functions to your emotional well being. It is packed with advice on healthful diets, useful supplements and detox recipes. Feel the difference and enjoy amazing vitality in as little as two weeks.


“Detox at Home” shows you how to:

•           Boost your body and revitalize your life

•           Detox your eliminative organs in the correct sequence

•           Easily put together a personal detox plan to meet your individual needs

•           Stay motivated throughout your detox program

•           Detox your diet and lifestyle successfully

•           Get rid of emotional toxins

•           De-stress while you detox

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