e-Books FAQ

 E-Books How to access your EBooks

1.      If you have received a confirmation email from us confirming that your purchase is complete

2.      Log into your user account by clicking “Sign In”

Key in your username and Password




4.      Once you have logged in, click on the My Orders


5.      For orders that have the status marked  “Completed” the books have been paid for and you have access to it. For orders marked “Pending for payment”  payment has yet to be made and will only be accessible when payment has been made.



6.      To view simply click on the Order No and click to view




For PC users you will require connection to the internet as well as Flash in order to view the e-Books.

Get the latest Flash from here:-


For MAC users you will require an Internet connection as well as the latest IOs.


WARNING: The books sold are copyrighted material and we reserve the right to take legal action on any unauthorized printing, Photostatting, emailing and distribution of our books.


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